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Now more than ever, Clean is essential.

Your card readers, touchscreens, ATMs, and other customer-facing devices need to be cleaned inside and out to keep both them and their users happy and healthy. 

Recent changes in the world have left us flooded with information about the spread of dirt and germs and how to stay ahead of the curve. When your customers and employees interact with your equipment, they see how clean the outside of your device is - but wonder about those parts they can’t see.

Ensure the health of your devices, employees, customers, and brand when you clean and disinfect with the products that are made to safely care for your equipment.

Keep your devices and business performing by:

  • Cleaning your devices daily, both inside and out
  • Using the right agents and tools to clean and disinfect
  • Letting your customers know the equipment they are using has been cared for

During these unprecedented times, general cleaning removes dirt and germs from your equipment. Learn how to clean your:

Quick Serve Restaurant

Grocery Store

Big Box Store

Convenience Store

Retail Store

...But Why Clean?

We know a thorough cleaning is an important step toward good equipment hygiene, but what makes cleaning an integral part of owning equipment?

Employee & Customer Health

Germs and bacteria can live on the outside and within crevices inside the devices, putting both its owners and its users at risk. 

Aesthetics & Customer Perception of Brand

Be known as the company that cares. A defined, well-communicated cleaning process provides comfort to your customers.

Equipment Performance

Dirt causes problems. It doesn’t just store germs and bacteria, it gets inside your device and can stop it from working properly, delaying transactions and lengthening checkout lines. 

Flexing Arm


If you don't think a little wear-and-tear will have an effect on equipment performance, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can a card reader’s pins make good contact with a chip on a credit card if they are dirty?
  • How can dirt and obstructions not cause jams for currency handling equipment?
  • How can a printer not jam if it as adhesive and residue on it?
  • How can a scanner harboring dirt create a clear image?
  • How can a dirty sensor or lens read?

High-quality devices provide users with a seamless experience and keep business owners happy.



 Disinfecting not only removes bacteria and viruses - it kills it.

  • The CDC reports the importance of both cleanings and disinfectant. Inside your machines, germs can be recycled on the media– card, check, label, cash, etc.– and then they can be passed on to your employees.
  • Crevices and difficult to reach places can cause functionality problems as well as harbor germs.

Thoroughly cleaned and disinfected equipment is essential for the health of your customers and employees.


Perception is key; now more than ever.

  • A well-defined cleaning program that is clearly communicated to all audiences gives customers peace of mind.
  • Appearance is everything: a dirty device may keep customers away.

Clean-looking, easy-to-use devices provide customers with a positive experience and trust in your brand.

Biofilm - Why it's important to clean and disinfect

Cleaning reduces the volume of germs and makes it more likely you will kill what is left. This is why the CDC recommends cleaning first, then disinfect. 

Stage 1

Attachment to surface

Stage 2

Formation of monolayer and production of matrix

Stage 3

Microcolony formation, multilayer 

Stage 4

Mature biofilm, with characteristic "mushroom" formed of polysaccharide

Stage 5

Detachment and reversion to planktonic growth, starting a new cycle 

Get the total solution with KIC.

The goal of using KIC solutions goes beyond the health of equipment users and extends to the health and longevity of the equipment as well as your business’ reputation. 

Using high-quality, device-specific cleaning products will make your machines look good, desirable to use, as well as improve the overall performance of your products and maintain the longevity of the machine in use.

Cleaning solutions for now and the future.

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