Solve Your Equipment Cleaning Requirements

Technical cleaning is a must for keeping your equipment running efficiently and protecting the health of both your employees and customers.

At KIC, we provide guidance and expertise to accomplish your cleaning goals.

Specialized Cleaning for Your Business

No matter what type of business you have your customers and employees interact with equipment that needs to be kept clean, so it functions properly. We offer advanced cleaning solutions developed with your equipment manufacturers to quickly and safely accomplish consistent care.

Essential Cleaning Kits

For Card Readers

For Self-Checkout

For Point-of-Sale 

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Use for device interiors such as print heads and rollers to remove dirt and build up.

70% Isoproryl Alcohol Wipes

ClearDisplay safely cleans touch screens, self-checkout kiosks, monitors, LCD screens, plasma screens, and laptop screens.

ClearDisplay is perfect for use on touch screens, displays, and device exteriors in greasy or heavily soiled environments. 

DiSantech is an EPA registered citric acid-based germicidal detergent designed to disinfect. Specially formulated using botanically derived ingredients, our ready to use formula is ideal for use on technology exterior surfaces. 

SheerDevice     Wipe


ClearDisplay    Wipe


DiSantech     Disinfecting Wipe


Microfiber Cloth

The split fibers of these super absorbent, hypoallergenic cloths allow it to pick up and remove particles as small as bacteria.

Cleaning Cards

Our patented Waffletechnology uses raised and lowered waffles which compress and expand to clean recessed areas and around irregular surfaces where flat cards won’t reach. KIC has created Waffletechnology cards and paired them with our cleaning agents to provide better cleaning to the devices that keep your operations running. 


• Card Readers

• Check Scanners

• Thermal Printers

• Currency Counters

• MICR / Check Readers

• Bill Acceptors

Other Applicators

Some areas are difficult to reach or require tools that can be tough but safe. Our Swisels and KICPads do just that. 


This tool has a swab head and foam mitt for saturating and scrubbing, while the precision chisel is perfect for scraping away built-up dirt. 


This dual-sided KICPad combines an abrasive scrubbing side with a split microfiber side to tackle any type of dirt. 


Use swabs and Swisels to clean the interior of electrical equipment such as print heads.



70% Isopropyl Alcohol

Use in device interiors to remove dirt and build up.


✔ Safe for use on internal electronic parts

✔ Fast evaporation

✔ 30% deionized water


This cleaning agent will safely clean any touch screens, self-ordering or self check-out kiosks, monitors, LCD screens, plasma screens, and phone or laptop screens.


✔ Designed for touchscreens

✔ Leaves a residue-free finish

✔ Non-hazardous and non-flammable 

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents for All Your Needs


Our proprietary WonderSolvent cleaning agent is designed to remove the types of dirt, oils, inks, fibers that build up on check scanners. 


✔ Effective on paper dust and water-based inks

✔ Safe for use on internal components 

✔ Approved by many OEMs including Panini, Digital Check, Epson, Canon, Magner, and Cassida  

99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol is an ideal agent for cleaning water sensitive items due to its quick evaporation.


✔ Breaks down dirt and debris that collects in card paths and on print heads

✔ Evaporates quickly and completely without residue

✔ Safe for all electronic components



MiracleMagic is specially designed to penetrate and loosen built-up dirt, making it quicker and easier to clean rollers, belts, and other internal device components.

✔ Designed for currency handling automation

✔ Quickly penetrates and loosens stubborn debris

✔ Non-hazardous and non-flammable

✔ Ideal for cleaning prior to disinfecting



Our SheerDevice cleaning agent is a powerful grease remover and ideal for order screens and high traffic environments.


✔ For heavily soiled devices

✔ Non-hazardous and non-flammable

✔ Ideal for cleaning prior to disinfecting 




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